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Introduction to What Child is This on Guitar

What Child Is This on Guitar Introduction

This blog post is for guitarists who are looking to learn a classic Christmas carol, “What Child Is This?” Although the melody is fairly simple and can be played using just one finger, playing with two hands can add the right touch of sophistication and give the piece more depth. This tutorial will break down the song step-by-step, offering helpful tips along the way.

We’ll begin by covering some basic chords used in this song: G Major (320033), D Major (xx0232), Emaj7 (x22210), C Major (x32010). Next, we’ll move on to creating our own licks over each chord progression. While learning a lick to play over each chord will help you make sure your rendition has some style or originality, it’s also important not to become too attached to them. As with any song, try playing around and make something that is comfortable for you!

Getting into the actual breakdown of the song will begin by calling out where each chord should come in so that your timing stays consistent throughout: G; D; Emaj7; C. Once you have a rhythm down, adding eighth notes when switching chords really helps smooth out transitions between them. After getting familiar with how these chords fit together musically, start incorporating lead guitar parts during certain sections. An example of this could include bending up a half step or trilling on certain notes throughout particularly melodic phrases as an embellishment but be sure to keep it tasteful!

Finally if you’re looking for an even bigger challenge jump into improvisation! Improvising over ‘What Child Is This?’ provides plenty of opportunity if you know what notes belong where in terms of each scale referenced it shouldn’t stray too far from sounding good however don’t forget about keeping time steady as well as paying attention to note lengths; both dynamics play

Chords and Tabs for What Child is This

What Child is this? is a traditional Christmas carol that has been recorded by many artists over the years. The song is based on the traditional carol, ‘Greensleeves’ and was written by English composer William Chatterton Dix in 1865. The lyrics of the carol tell the story of the baby Jesus being born in Bethlehem.

The chords used to play What Child is This? are typically quite straightforward. Most versions of the song can be played using just three chords: G, C and D7 (the seventh variation of a chord noted with ‘7’ after it). An example of these chords put together might look like this (from low to high pitched): G – C – D7 – G – C -D7

Of course, adding additional variations to the song can help to make it sound more interesting — so don’t hesitate to experiment with more challenging chords if you feel up for it! For example, some artist recordings add an A minor chord between two G major chords or replace all G major chords with Em (E minor) or Am (A minor).

You can find tabs for What Child Is This? available online in music stores or through automated guitar tablature websites. Tabs often include extra information about which strings and frets should be played during each part, as well as tempo changes when those occur. You may also find helpful notes from other users who have learned how to play What Child Is This? their own way — so make sure to consider their tips and suggestions when playing through this holiday classic!

Tips for Playing What Child is This on Guitar

What Child Is This is a beautiful festive song that captures the feelings of joy and awe as we celebrate the birth of Christ. It can be enjoyed on various instruments, from classical instruments such as piano and string instruments, to brass and woodwinds, but today we will focus on how to play it on guitar.

Learning to play the classic carol on guitar may seem daunting at first, especially for beginning players who are unfamiliar with chords. Thankfully, the song’s structure is quite simple and approachable. Below we will look into tips for playing this timeless carol.

First off , familiarize yourself with the song’s main chord progressions. The chords that make up What Child Is This include several common open chords like G Major, D Major, and Am7 (A minor seven). Being familiar with these chords before you start playing is key to building muscle memory quickly – this means that once you have mastered these chord shapes your hand will automatically know them when hearing the songs melodic progression. Aiming to dedicate some practice time each day into perfecting these basic shapes could soon have you playing What Child Is This confidently in no time!

Once you are confident in your ability to play the chords without any problems ,it’s time to add some dynamics . Adding tremolo picking and/or arpeggiated strumming patterns can really take this tune up a notch! Try out different combinations as you listen back through the song verse after verse – experimenting with dynamics allows us musicians to bring our own personal touch to a piece we love so much. Similarly, incorporating grace notes or ‘licks’ between certain chord changes can helpto create a sense of flow and motion in your rendition of What Child Is This . Again- use your ear here- those little fill ins don’t need be anything flashy! Just enough notes thrown in here and there give added texture and interest throughout each bar..

Finally , strive for authenticity over

Step-by-Step Instructional Guide for Playing What Child is This on Guitar

This tutorial will guide you in playing the popular traditional English Christmas carol “What Child is This” on a guitar. As the title would suggest, this carol has a slow, melancholic melody and tends to be relatively easy to play on guitar. Once you have mastered the chords and fingerstyle strumming pattern featured in this lesson, you will be able to confidently play “What Child is This” no matter where or when it’s requested!

Before we get started learning how to play this popular holiday classic, it’s important that we learn a few of its fundamental components. The song is made up of three basic chords – Am (A minor), G (G major) and D (D major). The chord progression for the verse sections is Am-G-D-D7 then repeating until the end of each verse. Additionally, there are two bridge sections at the end of each chorus which require only one single chord: A (A major). Taking these simple elements into account should make it easier to keep track of each section as you progress through our step-by-step instructions!

Now that we understand the components that make up “What Child Is This”, let’s talk a bit about how we’ll tackle them one by one. We’ll start by familiarizing ourselves with all of the chords used during each section so that when it comes time for us to put our finger on those frets and begin strumming away, were prepared! To begin, place your index finger from your left hand behind any fret on string 5 – which happens to be an A note if played open – pressed firmly down whilst strumming all 6 strings from your right hand. This is how you’ll perform an Am chord throughout the song; unless specified otherwise within our tutorial below. After mastering Am, move onto string 4 where not any fret may now become pressed down with either index or middle finger forming what’s known as a G chord.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing What Childis This on Guitar

Q: How do I play What Child is This?

A: Playing “What Child Is This” on guitar is a fun way to learn a traditional Christmas song. A few simple chords will have you playing the full song quickly. To start, place your first finger on the third fret of the low E string and your middle finger on the second fret of the A string. Strum downwards four times, then place your ring finger on the fourth fret of the high E string to play an open D chord for four strums. Then, return to the first chord formation, but this time play an open G chord for four strums. Lastly, return once more to that original formation, then finish off with a C major chord played for four beats. And just like that, you’ll be able to play “What Child Is This” in its entirety!

Q: Are there any lyrics involved?

A: Yes! To make it even easier learn how to play What Child Is This on guitar, it helps if you know all its lyrics by heart. The bridge goes as follows: “This, this is Christ / The babe / The king of heav’nly / King of heav’nly Kings” which makes up three chords in successorsion with no rest or pause (G-C-D). If you know these verses by heart plus have hindsight knowledge about where each new chorus begins then playing What Child Is This will not only make you sound like a pro but also let you enjoy performing every moment of it!

Q: Are there any variations for playing What Child is This?

A: Absolutely! While most people begin this classic carol with their middle and index fingers properly placed along strings 3 and 2 respectively (so they can effortlessly playG-C-D chords throughout), some experimentation can take place with alternate starting cadences such as barring across lower strings or limiting yourself to only two

Downloadable PDF of How to Play What Child is This on Guitar

This downloadable PDF guide is designed to provide aspiring guitarists with an easy yet comprehensive way to learn how to play the Christmas carol “What Child Is This?” on guitar.

The PDF utilizes basic concepts such as reading tablature and practicing chord progression, while gradually introducing more intricate aspects of fingerpicking associated with this beloved classic song. It starts off by providing some background information along with tips and tricks for building up your initial playing muscles and stamina. Then, it breaks down the song into smaller sections including chords, strumming patterns and lead riffs. These segments are presented in a step-by-step format that allows you to work on each building block in succession until you’re able to confidently pull off the entire piece.

In addition to its many instructional elements, this PDF also includes a section devoted to interesting tidbits about the original composition’s lyrics and history. As “What Child Is This?” has been around since 1865, its story is both engrossing and informative which adds another dimension of fun for those interested in further exploring the roots of holiday music.

Overall, “How To Play What Child Is This On Guitar” provides comprehensive guidance necessary for mastering one of folk music’s most timeless classics on guitar in a fun and interactive manner that beginners can appreciate without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated throughout their learning process. Whether simply curious or newly inspired by acoustic instruments, this PDF can uncover an untapped passion before you know it!