Adding a Lap Child on Delta: A Step-by-Step Guide


Introduction to Delta Lap Child Policies

Delta’s Lap Child Policy allows infants to travel on a paying customers’ lap, at no extra charge. It is important to be aware of the rules and regulations when flying with an infant, as there may be some safety issues that need to be considered in regards to your particular airline of choice. Delta’s Lap Child Policy outlines all the specific details for lap travelling with infants, such as age restrictions and requirements for proper seating and harnessing when applicable.

The policy offers parents an option for those unable or unwilling to purchase a separate seat for their child under two-years-old. Passengers who wish to travel with a child under two will not have to pay any additional charges if they choose this method; however, it is important to note that there are certain safety requirements in place.

To begin with, passengers must ensure that the infant—weighing 18 pounds or less—must always remain seated on the same row as his or her guardian throughout the whole flight. While onboard, both parent and infant must use separate seats during takeoff and landing. Additionally, each passenger over 16 years old can only have one such infant seated on their lap per seatbelt worn. If traveling with more than one child under two years old in a single cabin together; then each adult should have purchased tickets in advance for every child over 18 pounds before taking off. Furthermore, if two or more adults are traveling together they may not share an individual seatbelt between adult and baby even though the baby is holding onto them until take-off has completed (Buckles & Flyers).

In order to ensure that adequate protection is upheld during turbulence or crash scenarios—which unfortunately occur sometimes during long flights—Delta requires each passenger flying with an infant under 2 posted a “Child Safety Seat” (CSS) prior take off/landing/bumpy zone passage which will assure proper security while flying in case unforeseen situations arise whilst airborne(17FAA 6280 / 6A511).

Eligibility Requirements for a Lap Child on Delta Flights

When traveling with young children, Delta Airlines offers families the chance to bring their child on board as a lap child. Because aviation safety regulations require all passengers aboard commercial airplanes to be properly restrained during takeoff and landing, there are strict eligibility requirements that must be met for a child to travel as a lap infant.

In order for an infant (under two years of age) to fly as a lap child on a Delta flight, they must meet a few basic criteria:

The traveller must have an accompanying adult aged 18 or older in the same row

Only one lap-child per adult is allowed

The accompanying adult is responsible for supervising the unsecured infant throughout the entirety of the flight

Infants flying under this policy must individually hold their own ticket and be listed in the reservation at least 24 hours prior to departure time

Infant tickets will usually appear along with other passengers’ tickets when you check-in online or via mobile app and are priced at 10% of an adult fare plus taxes and fees

From there, it’s really up to you how you want your loved one transported! Whether it is in your arms or in their very own seat – don’t forget when you are booking online click ‘special service requests’ if you would like write in any additional needs such as requesting extra legroom for carrying your bundle of joy!

Traveling with little ones doesn’t have to be stressful – just remember these steps/requirements before giving you and yours wings.

Documents Required for Adding a Lap Child on Delta Flights

In order to ensure the safest possible travel for all passengers, Delta Airlines has certain requirements for adding a lap child to a flight. These rules are set forth in order to guarantee that the child is travelling with an appropriate adult and is capable of safely making the journey. Before bearding the plane, it is essential that travelers know what documents they will need to bring with them when attempting to add a lap child onto their booking.

To begin, one of the most important documents you will need is proof of your relationship to any dependent minor traveling with you. This document can come in the form of a birth certificate or an adoption decree. It may also include documents such as marriage certificates or custody documentation if applicable. The full list of accepted forms can be seen on Delta’s website and is worth reviewing before booking or boarding your flight.

Next, passengers should make sure their lap child meets all age requirements for flying without his/her own seat assignment before flying with you!. On domestic flights, children under the age of two are eligible for placement on your lap (so long as it does not conflict with FAA regulations) but internationalDelta flights require that any child two years old or over must have his/her own seat booked and ticketed.

When travelling domestically with certain carriers operated by Delta Connection Carriers such as Compass Airlines, Endeavor Air and SkyWest Airlines may have different regulations so make sure you read up prior to travel!

Make sure to allow extra time at check-in to present these documents if needed during arrival at airport security checkpoints or while boarding due to a requested verification process by crew members checking tickets against accompanying travelers and verifying identification related paperwork associated your ticketing needs! As always safety first lasts forever so having all papers organized will help make your travels hassle free!

Process of Adding a Lap Child on Delta Flights

Being able to bring a lap child with you on your Delta flight can be confusing for parents. Luckily, it’s really easy to do and won’t take much extra effort on your end. Here are the steps you need to take to add a lap child to your Delta flight:

1. First off, you must make sure that children as young as two weeks old can fly with Lap Infants when booked in the same reservation with an adult (18 year or older).

2. Before arriving at the airport of departure, you need to contact Delta reservations by calling 1-800-221-1212 in order to secure the Lap Child seat.

3. After making your booking, Delta will assign your infant their own identification number and charge fees for both domestic and international flights based on content of ticket fare rules and taxes, fees, as well refunds policies applicable for particular route/transportation chosen for infant travel.

4. Once at check-in Counter or kiosk upon arrival at the airport of departure, Gate agents must see child’s identity documents such as birth certificate along with valid passports other government issued ID where appropriate based on local laws in country of departure/transit/arrival before allowing Lap Infant onboard aircraft for potential tracking within host country immigration controls (this procedure does NOT apply within USA) .

5. Lastly, All infants regardless of age require an approved child safety seat device in an aircraft seat during all portions of scheduled segments any time motor vehicle transportation including shuttle buses is used except where properly secured approved FAA certified car seats provided by expecting passengers not owned/operated by airline agent otherwise holds locations / events catering services areas at airports terminals worldwide.. It is important that every lap baby has their own ticket and also a boarding pass – this ensures there won’t be any discrepancies at either check-in or security screening checkpoints later down the line if bumped into new itinerary after boarding happens

Tips and Considerations for Traveling with a Lap Child on Delta

Traveling with a lap child is an important but often overlooked part of the domestic travel experience. Delta Airlines allows passengers to take a lap infant (5 years and under) free of charge on most domestic flights, but certain considerations should be taken into account before booking your trip. Here are some tips for traveling with a lap child on Delta:

• Pre-book your seats: If possible, pre-book your seats online or through the call center so that you can sit together during the flight. You can select a seat with Bassinets or extra leg room in order to make the flight more comfortable.

• Car Seats: Car seats are not required for lap children under two years of age; however, they must be secured when seated at their own seat. A car seat is required if traveling with an infant over two years old, and it meeting Federal Aviation Administration safety standards installation requirements must be used.

• Check in Early: Make sure you arrive as early as possible to check in as you may need additional time for making necessary arrangements for your infant. Have any documents ready (birth certificates, etc.) and have medication prepared if necessary due to pressure changes during takeoff/landing.

• Bring Additional Supplies: Be sure to bring extras when packing food and drinks for your infant in case of delays or unexpected changes in plans along the way. Also keep diapers and wipes handy for quick clean up needs at any time throughout your travels.

• Carry-on Items & Accessories : Keep carry on items to a minimum as most airlines impose restrictions on what can go onboard (check all airline policies prior). Strollers should be folded upon boarding but kept accessible after guardrail by aisle seating has been removed prior take off / taxi period departing gates. Additionally, consider bringing entertainment such as books or toys to keep children amused throughout flight periods ranging from 1 – 8 hours duration(depending on connection airport arrival times).

Ultimately remember – Always

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding a Lap Child on Delta Flights

Q: What is a lap child on Delta flights?

A: A lap child on Delta flights is an unaccompanied minor between two and eleven years old who can travel with an adult over the age of 18 with the absence of a seat. Lap children are required to be accompanied by an adult and must have a permission form signed by both parents or guardians authorizing their travel, which needs to be presented at the time of check-in. Because unaccompanied minors do not receive their own seat and must remain safely strapped into the lap of their accompanying adult throughout the duration of the flight, they are referred to as ‘lap children’.

Q: Is there a fee for adding a lap child on Delta flights?

A: Yes – in addition to any fare applicable for your trip, there is a charge associated with having an unaccompanied minor accompany you onboard your flight. For domestic flights within America, this fee equals 50% percent of your own Base Fare (plus taxes and fees). For international itineraries, this fee also equates to 50% percent cost but instead based off Y-Fare pricing structure (plus taxes and fees).

Q: Do I need to purchase additional tickets for my infant or lap child if planning on bringing them onboard Delta flights?

A: No – infants age 2 or under who will be travelling with an adult over the age of 18 do not require their own seat and can simply ride in that adult’s lap for no additional charge. Along with paying any applicable ticket fares associated with your own passenger ticket, passengers travelling with American Airlines or Oneworld carriers whom are added as a Lap Child are only required to pay government imposed taxes and carrier-imposed fees; although this varies from airline-to-airline so please verify these details prior booking.

Q: Are Unaccompanied Minor services required when booking my lap child onto Delta flights?

A: Unaccompanied Minor Services (also commonly known as