Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update


For patients who have symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing or a severe respiratory illness, please call our office to a talk to one of our staff before entering the building.


Para pacientes que tienen síntomas como fiebre, tos, dificultad para respirar o una enfermedad respiratoria grave, llame al número siguiente para hablar con uno de nuestros profesionales médicos antes de entrar al edificio.


For more information on Coronavirus / COVID-19 from the Washoe County Health District:

The regional Coronavirus / COVID-19 website can be found at


For more information on Coronavirus / COVID-19 from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

American Academy of Pediatrics Coronavirus / COVID-19 information can be found at


For more information on Coronavirus / COVID-19 from the CDC:

The CDC Coronavirus / COVID-19 website can be found at


What are we doing to help stop the spread of the virus? 

Please be advised, we are requiring masks to be worn by all adults and children ages 4 years and older who enter our office, and we request children ages 2-4 years to also attempt to wear masks if possible.

When you enter our office you will be assigned to one of our nine exam rooms after checking in your child.  We do not want your child to be waiting in your car or in a busy waiting room.

We ask that only one parent / guardian accompany their child(ren) while in our office to minimize potential exposures.  Please do not bring siblings or friends that do not have appointments.  We also recommend during this time that you bring books / toys for your child(ren) as we have temporarily removed all our current books / toys and magazines from the office.

As always you will be checked out in the exam room, so there is no need to stop in any common areas.

We have hand sanitizer when you enter our office and sinks in every exam room so that you can wash your hands when you arrive. Or you can wash your hands in one of our two restrooms.

We are not testing for Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 in our office at this time.  Sierra Pediatrics is following the Washoe County Health District and CDC guidelines to triage patients.


How are we keeping the office clean? 

Exam rooms are thoroughly sanitized after each use with approved Novel Coronavirus / COVID 19 sanitizers.


Are telemedicine appointments available at Sierra Pediatrics? 

Sierra Pediatrics is offering telemedicine visits on a limited basis. There are some appointments that do not require the doctor to listen to your child’s lungs, look in your child’s ears, nose, throat, etc.  A telemedicine appointment may be appropriate under these circumstances.  You can call our office and our staff can help determine if a telemedicine appointment will work for your child.  It’s HIPAA privacy compliant, HITECH Act compliant, easy and accessible from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.


How do I talk to my child about Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19? 

Information on how to talk to your child about Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 can be found at