Office Policy

Financial policy:

For information about our financial policy, please click on this link – Financial Policy.

Privacy Policy:

For information about our privacy policy, please click on this link – Privacy Policy

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Appointment Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

After Hours:

For information about our after hours care, please click on this link – After Hours.


If you have serious medical concerns after clinic hours call our office at (775) 324-0766 to have the on-call physician paged. The doctor will return your call as soon as possible. Please keep your phone line clear. IF YOU HAVE A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY CALL 9-1-1.

Phone Calls:

If you have questions and need to speak to your doctor during business hours, be prepared to leave a phone number where you can be reached. We make every attempt to return calls as soon as possible. If you cannot be reached at certain times or need urgent advice, please inform the receptionist.


Our medical support staff is not able to prescribe medication. If you feel your child will need medication, we recommend that you schedule an appointment. Our physicians will not prescribe an antibiotic over the phone. You will need to schedule an appointment so that the doctor can examine your child to determine the best treatment. If you need a refill on your child’s prescription, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to send a refill request to our office.


Sierra Pediatrics accepts appointments for patients from birth to 18 years of age. We encourage you to schedule well-child visits in advance. Sick visits are usually scheduled on a same-day basis. Your doctor will advise you when rechecks are necessary. It is recommended that you make future appointments before you leave the office. Planning in advance will help us work around your busy lifestyle and will give you the best choices of days and times.

Because we know your time is valuable, we ask that you extend us the same courtesy and arrive prior to your scheduled appointment time. If another child in your family needs to be seen as well, please call in advance to let us know. Your child will be seen more quickly if you have a scheduled appointment. We understand you might not be able to keep a scheduled appointment. If so, please call to cancel or reschedule at a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.

If you miss more than three appointments without canceling in advance we reserve the right to discharge your child / children from the practice.

A legal guardian needs to bring the child to the first appointment. Children need to be accompanied to all appointments by a parent / guardian or with written consent by an authorized adult.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children older than 3 years of age be seen by their pediatrician for a wellness exam on an annual basis. If your child has not received services from our office in more than three (3) years, we will consider our physician-patient relationship terminated. If you choose to schedule an appointment after this time frame, it will depend on whether or not our office is accepting new patients.


Our physicians firmly believe in vaccinations! We follow the CDC vaccine schedule. We also participate in the vaccine for children program (VFC).

Daycare, School, Camp or Sports Forms:

If we have seen your child within the last year, we can prepare a standard Washoe County form for you. If you have a specific form that needs to be completed please send a message through our portal, drop it off, or fax it to our office. You may pick up the completed form in our office, have it uploaded to your child’s portal for printing at home, or we can fax it. If we have not seen your child for a wellness exam in the last year, you will need to schedule an appointment.

Video and Audio Recording:

Our office prohibits the use of video or audio recording on our premises. However, for the protection of our patients and staff, Sierra Pediatrics does have onsite video surveillance in public areas.