Expectant Families

If you are expecting a child and looking for a pediatrician, you are welcome to call our office to schedule a complimentary visit with one of our physicians.

If you are looking for some guidelines on choosing a pediatrician, we recommend reading this article written by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Private Insurance:

After Baby’s Arrival – If you have regular commercial insurance, please add your baby to your policy as soon as possible. The hospital and our office cannot submit your baby’s claims until the baby has been added. Once the baby is one month old, if Sierra Pediatrics is unable to verify the insurance we will request payment at time of service.

Medicaid Recipients Insurance :

Before Baby’s Arrival – Sierra Pediatrics asks that you obtain and unborn ID card prior to the baby being born. Please call our office with this ID number prior to the baby’s birth.

After Baby’s Arrival – Once the baby is born, it is important to contact your case worker and provide them with baby’s name and date of birth. Additionally, if you have Health Plan of Nevada, you will need to contact them and designate one of our pediatrician’s as Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Medicaid Recipients Circumcision:

Before Baby’s Arrival – If you are expecting a boy and would like to have a circumcision, please complete the Circumcision Form and fax it to our office prior to baby’s birth. If we do not have this form on file, our doctors will not be able to circumcise your baby. Circumcisions are not a covered benefit with Fee for Service Medicaid.